About Houston Blogger Meg O.

Welcome! I'm Meg

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I’m a Houston blogger who has been at this for over seven years! My blog is my outlet for creativity and fosters my passion for connecting with like-minded beauty lovin’ mamas around the world. I love sharing my latest beauty obsessions/tips, stories on motherhood, blog tips, travel, style, and snippets from my personal life. My goal is to bring candid, honest, and relatable post from the mindset of a busy woman. If you like laughing and keeping it real, you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t do you have a soul?

Self Proclaimed Expert on:

Beauty products
My children (debatable)
Being a blogger (also debatable)
Not having enough hours in the day
Hamilton lyrics
Forgetting where I put things

My Family

Greg, Kennedy & CarolineJob Title:

Full-time mom, full-time blogger, full-time crazy.

Where I call Home:

The ‘burbs of Houston, TX.

Quirkiest of quirks:

I hate the feel of unfinished wood. Basically, popsicle sticks are my worst nightmare.

Blog Mission Statement
finding time for fabulous!