Mama Knows Best

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As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s strange to think that this is my 7th Mother’s Day as a mom. I look back and truly wonder where the time went. I don’t have any babies to hold anymore. They’re big girls with big personalities and big dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, my hands are still clearly full. I’m still in the throes of motherhood. Question: when does one leave the throes of motherhood? Probably never.

The most important lesson I’ve learned as a mom: we are all just trying to do our best. We – moms, that is – have our fair share of bad days, screen-filled days, junk food days, yelling days, ignoring days, time out days, and crying days.

Here’s another thing I’ve learned – moms (and dads!) know their kids better than anyone else does. The mom judgment and mom shaming is out of control on social media. It’s impossible to post a picture of a child in a car seat without someone picking apart your strap placement, even though you check the straps every time you buckle your child in and they are correctly placed. It’s impossible to have a logical calm conversation on vaccines. It’s impossible avoid those “perfect” moms who have potty trained their children in five seconds or have children who “always behave.”

Bottom line, mama knows best.

Houston lifestyle blogger Meg O. on the Go styles a graphic tshirt that says Mama Knows Best

Outfit details:

The next time you see a mom struggling out in public with unruly children, try not to give her the death stare. She’s well aware that her children are acting like little demons and she is more stressed out about it than anyone else. Instead, give her a little smile or nod. Tell her, “It’s okay, we’ve all been there.”

Pretty sure this Mama Knows Best graphic t-shirt from Evereve says it all. Mama knows best when it comes to her kiddos. Mama is just trying to survive and raise good humans. Mama makes mistakes and is far from perfect, but mama knows best when it comes to her unconditional love.

Houston mommy blogger Meg O. on the Go shares some cute mommy and daughter summer outfits

A huge thank you to Evereve for sending over the cutest outfit for me to style, and of course, we had to make it a fun photo shoot with the girls.

You all know by now that Evereve is my favorite place to shop for new and exciting pieces to add to my wardrobe. Not to mention, the shopping experience is totally mom-friendly! Every time I step in, the staff is so accommodating, and they will style outfits for you. It totally takes the pressure off of trying to put together cute outfits on my own. I always walk out of there with something new and something I wouldn’t usually pick out for myself but end up loving!

Houston mommy blogger Meg O. on the Go in an adorable mommy daughter photo

Houston lifestyle blogger Meg O. on the Go styles a Mama Knows Best graphic t-shirt

Treat yourself this Mother’s Day to a fun summer outfit. Graphic tees are always in (especially Evereve’s Mother’s Day collection), and they are so cute styled half-tucked into jeans, fun wedges, and cute accessories!

Add a couple of kids with bright fun dresses into the mix, and you are one fabulously styled family! (Insert the hair flip emoji here.)

Houston mommy blogger Meg O. on the Go in some mommy daughter cute summer pics

All photos by Kate Carmichael Photography. She is one of our favorite Houston area photographers!

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