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helping others find time for fabulous

Women and moms are busy, but they hold the buying power. We want to “have it all” but don’t have the time to do it all. Meg believes in sharing brands, products, experiences, and hacks to make life easier, attainable, and more enjoyable.

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Other Notable Stats

  • 15-20% Conversion Rate on Amazon
  • 2-10% Conversion Rate on other affiliate linking platforms
  • Domain Authority of 48
  • Over a decade of experience
  • SEO-Optimized blog content consistently ranking on page 1 of Google
  • SEO-Optimized YouTube videos consistently ranking in YouTube search and in Google

Brand Work

A Portfolio of sponsored content

Instagram / Short Form Photo & Video

Here’s a sampling of what Meg can create for Instagram to organically showcase your brand. Short form video content can be shot for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and/or YouTube Shorts (up to 60 seconds). Short form photo content can be shot for Instagram Carousels, or Instagram in-feed images.

images below link directly to posts

Long Form Video

Here is a sampling of how Meg can incorporate your brand into a professional-quality long form video with a personal touch. Videos can be shot for YouTube (horizontal format, 2+ minutes).

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Long Form Blog Content

Here’s a sampling of what Meg can create for her blog to organically showcase your brand.

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about meg o.

Beauty, mommy, & Lifestyle Content creator

Meg is a makeup obsessed mom and blogger. Kennedy (11), Caroline (9), and Logan (4) keep her very busy! She shares candid, honest, and relatable content from the mindset of a busy woman. Meg’s blog and social channels are her outlet for sharing attainable beauty tips, stories on motherhood, travel, and her life – all while empowering women to feel beautiful inside and out. Meg also showcases her outgoing personality with high-quality videos and consistently produces viral content on Pinterest. She has been featured on BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post,, and more. She has also made numerous television appearances (both national and local news segments), and has been a speaker at blog workshops and conferences. Meg’s motto: “find time for fabulous!” 

Content Offerings for Sponsors

Meg has the resources to partner with brands in a number of ways and is happy to collaborate and build long-term relationships. The services listed below are just the beginning of what Meg is capable of, and she is thrilled to discuss other partnership opportunities. Please contact us to tailor your rate to your specific needs. 

Long Form
  • Dedicated blog post
  • Dedicated YouTube video
  • Brand placement within blog posts or YouTube videos
  • Add-on social media amplification
Short Form
  • IG Reel / TikTok / YouTube Short
  • Instagram in-feed image
  • Instagram carousels
  • Instagram stories
Social Media
  • Facebook post
  • Twitter share
  • Pinterest pin
  • IG campaign amplification to other social media outlets
  • Short form video
  • Long form video
  • Branded / styled photos
  • Long form blog post copy

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