The Original Health Drink

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When you think of these descriptors, what drink comes to mind?

Celebrating World Milk Day with milk

Ten grams of protein. Nine essential nutrients. One all-natural ingredient. Zero added sugar.

It really isn’t complicated – it’s milk. The original health drink.

Did you know that today is World Milk Day?  To celebrate the fact that milk is something we shouldn’t have to reinvent, the Dairy Farmers of America released a “new” vitamin-packed super drink called Mülü. They put it in cool new packaging, didn’t call it “milk” and released lots of teasers on this “new” product to gain interest and hype.

The big reveal on Mülü was today that it is actually milk. You don’t need a fancy hyped up beverage with pretty packaging and lots of ingredients to give you the nutrition and health benefits you’re looking for.

Let’s break it down again. Milk is made with one all-natural locally-sourced ingredient. It’s the perfect alternative to sugary energy drinks because it provides a natural boost of energy. It’s vitamin and protein-packed. It contains more calcium than seven cups of broccoli!

Raise a glass on World Milk Day

No need to search far and wide for something new and exciting. Milk is something the entire family can enjoy and benefit from.

Let’s raise a glass to World Milk Day and the original health drink!

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    June 5, 2018 at 5:11 am

    Yikes the “ad” ness of this post is a little too in my face. And like milk is milk. Did the ppl drinking “mulu” not realize this. It makes no sense.

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