4 Months

Kennedy turned 4 months old yesterday!

Kennedy Lately:

  • Kennedy weighed in at 15 pounds and 5 oz (85th percentile), and measured 24 3/4 inches (71st percentile) yesterday at her four month check up. She is definitely growing still!
  • She is officially wearing 6 months clothes, but can still fit in a few of her 3 month clothes.
  • Kennedy is definitely smiling, laughing, and “talking” so much. She thrives on social interaction and I have a feeling when she eventually learns to talk, she is going to have a lot to say.
  • She loves people. She doesn’t like playing alone and really likes for you to be there. She still likes to be held a lot.
  • She has learned how to roll over, grabs at toys, grabs hands, and grabs just about everything!
  • Kennedy is quite a drooler and her hands are always in her mouth, which is apparently a sign of teething. She has been drooling for about a month now and there are no teeth as of yet. We shall see.
  • We started putting her to bed in her crib upstairs the other night. I’m not going to lie, I miss hearing her breathe and make her little noises next to me, but we can still hear those and see her on the baby monitor, so that is comforting. She also has started waking about twice per night (4 hour stretches), which is quite different on how she used to sleep. She used to be able to sleep 8 hours without waking. I believe now that her sleep patterns are maturing and she is developing so much it is interfering with her sleep. For example, the other night when she woke herself up, I could see on the baby monitor that she was practicing rolling over in her sleep! Apparently this is common when babies learn a new skill. The doctor said we could start solids if her night wakings were driving us crazy, but I don’t feel sleep deprived because of it. I am going to try and hold off as long as I can.
  • I am still able to breastfeed her, which I am very proud of. I pump at work and nurse her when I’m at home. I also pump one extra time after she has gone to bed. When she’s away from me she gets a few bottles and has been taking them like a champ recently. There have been a few times where she had to be given formula but those can be numbered on one hand. No, formula isn’t poison (I hope I am not coming across that way) – this just feels like a big accomplishment for me to be able to still breastfeed while working.
  • At Kennedy’s check up yesterday, the doctor noticed that she is lacking a lot of strength and range of motion in her neck, particularly for her left side. She was diagnosed with something called Torticollis. It is not a severe case by any means. I always thought she just favored her right side (she would always look right while sleeping, no matter where I put her head), but now that I’ve been home observing her, this makes so much sense. Kennedy is going to need to have some physical therapy to help strengthen/lengthen her neck and align her back to normal. I am just happy that this can be 100% corrected in no time. I will also be stretching her neck muscles every day and encouraging her to look left.
  • I still can’t believe how blessed I am to have such an amazing little girl in my life. Her personality is adorable and she is such a beautiful little girl. I didn’t know it was possible for her to keep getting more and more beautiful, but she is. I love my precious girl!
How She’s Grown:
Can you stop growing up so fast? You kill me, girl.

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